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Peep The Politix…K’naan Speaks About What’s Going on in Somalia aint what they seem to be…Everybody in this game aint who they claim to be. the whole of the world is a Hustle!

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International Hip Hop Hero: DJ J. Period

J. Period explains how he makes timeless Mixtapes with A-List artists around the globe. He has worked with everyone from the Lengendary Roots Crew, and Alicia Keys to Lauryn Hill and Nigerian Songstress NNEKA.  Included in this video are tips for aspiring dj’s on what you can do to step up your game.

If you don’t know who he is download about 3 of his mixtapes and then come back and watch this video.

J.Period Interview on BET’s “The Deal” (May 19, 2010) from J.Period on Vimeo.

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Yeah…He’s iLL Old Spice Spoof from 11-year old. And yep, he must be an iLLIGAN!

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NEW Video: Nigerian SoulStar- NNEKA If you don’t know who NNEKA is, you really need to get up on your hip hop. She is being compared to Lauryn Hill at her peak. She can rap and sing very well. She has a real heart for her native land of Nigeria. While attending school in Germany she developed a love for hip hop. Though, starting out as a rapper was short-lived her message never allowed her to keep the music in.

Nneka sings about greed, poverty, and misuse of power. You know, basically the opposite of what you’d expect to hear from the top female hip hop artist in the game.

Brought to you by Watch the full concert at

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AMilli From Around the World M.I. and iLL Holiday

Nigerian Rapper let’s the world know he became hot by  Spitting ridiculousness hard… check out M.I.

“A Million Here…A Million There! A Million Rappers That Will Swear by They Underwear- But Still There is Only One iLL!”

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This is why I rap! Grammy Award Winning Lyricist Raps at White House “If I am good for nothing-At least I failed my way in a world of dreams. Not your way in a reality hopelessness.” -iDouble
I never knew of the name Alexander Hamilton, but now I wish I knew him personally. Lin Manuel Miranda tells the story of this great man to the president of the United States in the form of a rap. Now, I don’t know if I’m more inspired by Alexander Hamilton (poor Caribbean orphan who became Treasury Secretary of the United States) or Lin Manuel Miranda (Tony and Grammy award winning lyricist who rapped for the president).
I think I have come to the conclusion that they both are pretty iLL!

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Deez Boots R Stupid!

Behind The Scenes: Ronnie Fieg x Polo Ranger Boot Photo Shoot from Marcus Troy on Vimeo.

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Who You Callin Pirate? K’naan Tells a Different Story

We don’t call them Pirates. We consider them our Coast Guard! Continue reading

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Wave Yo Flag! If you have been sleeping under a rock, you may not know who K’naan is… Though he is not in heavy rotation on American hip hop stations, K’naan is a world-class emcee! He not only raps, but sings about the pain of leaving many friends behind in his native country Somalia. Waving Flag gives a small glimpse into his experience and touches the hearts of world citizens. It encourages unity and is serving as the perfect theme song for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Google it to see the remix and Coca-Cola versions.

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I’m Talking To You, Jailer! Today’s inpiration comes from a Nigerian singer named Asa.
So many times we lock others into our comfort zone. We are comfortable being the smartest, richest, strongest in our circle of influence. When things shake up and others emerge as being better that us, it is important to free them to express their inner excellence. Otherwise, we trap them and in return lock away our own brilliance. I’m talking to you Jailer!

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Janelle Monae- Tightrope Ft. Big Boi

As if you didn’t know Janelle steals the Show anytime she hits the flo!

Watch. Listen. Enjoy.

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Google TV

Seems like this could have come about 10yrs ago. Either way it goes, I’m still lookin forward to it!

Coming to a TV near you!

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The Roots Official Video Release of Dear God 2.0 I know, I know! I have posted every version of this song. I had to though! This is for everyone who wonders what people mean when they say “Real Hip Hop”. The Roots crew have been holdin it down through hip hop’s coming of age. Nuff Respect- Dear God 2.0

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iLLIGAN EXXXCLUSIVE::: L.E.G. -I’m A FISHERMAN!!! is the first to bring you L.E.G.’s new single FISHERMAN. This song encompasses the passion that Christians feel about spreading the message of Christ. Open yo mind to hear the Legends Speak!
Fisherman- Legend Entertainment Group::CLICK HERE

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Way Before Robin Thicke…

Way before Robin Thicke, there was Jon B! Now I’m not white and I can’t sing, But I do have soul and so does he! Enjoy iLLIGANS!


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Hottest Party on the Planet Now this is how you party!

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Hott new BLOG:: Hey Band Geeks

Check out this blog to have your stylish sock knocked off!

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Dear God 2.0 LIVE on the Peacock: The Legendary Roots Crew
Aint nothin like rockin with a live band. No band in history has made the contributions to hip hop that The Roots has. Check out the LIVE version of their latest single, Dear God 2.0.

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iLLIGAN EXXXCLUSIVE: Braille is Going Home

We offer you this new single off of Braille’s new album[Still Un-named}. Braille offers his timeless swag on a new track about leaving everything that keeps you from being the true you.

::Braille -Going Home:: CLICK HERE
This unmastered studio leak is already turning industry heads and catching the attention of those digging this new era of meaningful hip hop!
To learn more about Braille, visit him at


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The Effects of AIDS are Reversible!

So many things in life are not reversible. There are things like words, certain injuries, broken trust, and anything that has been burned. Ogilvy shows us that the effects of AIDS, however is not one of them. There are not alot of ads for giving that move me, but this one did. Did it move you?


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