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iLLIGAN EXXXCLUSIVE World Premier: Telekinesis Open up your mind to open up your possibilities. Check out this independent short by one of Indy’s most gifted independent film makers- Charlie Williams. Charlie is CEO of Ebony Daylight Productions.

His trademark is his ability to intrigue the viewer with an unusually good quality of production and all local talent. The lead in and ending song is by one of our best singer-songwriter’s Mudd Jones. Without further ado, here is the world premier of the short film Telekinesis!

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DUDE is Amazing:: Tony Styxx




Tony Styxx is a name that has become synonymous with talent on the Indy Art Scene. Though his day job has him working with under-privileged youth; his night job is to rock the mic! This dude is an emcee, poet, and beat-box extraordinaire.

Check him out as he gives attendees at Indy’s Best Known Open Mic event “Spoken Soul Food Sundays” a real taste of one of Hip Hop’s core elements, Beat-box! Follow him: @Tony_Styxx

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I Can’t Believe… I can’t believe I just watched this whole video. I can’t believe I’m sharing it either. When you get past the corny rhymes, it’s kinda funny. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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Kill The Radio

Something to Believe In! Continue reading

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Dopeness In Our Midst :Tiara Thomas @ The Indiana Black Expo “iLL” is defined as – having great skill or skills with respect to a particular endeavor.

Today I learned a valuable lesson. When there is thirst, water can flow. Indianapolis has long been a thirsty market, but there has always been a mysterious lack of star quality in much of its homegrown talent. Well, Tiara Thomas surprised me with her ability to not only do the acoustic/ emcee/ singer thing, but also by the possessing the “it” factor.

I must say I have a definition of “it” that may be different than the next music lover. When I say “it”, I’m not talking about just a pretty face, pretty voice, or great combination of the two. Tiara has a certain mixture of grace and confidence that immediately lets the audience know, “Hey, even though I’m good at what I do, I still want to make sure I connect with you.” Not many artists, local or mainstream, have that. She has a genuinely good voice. Even in the transition from rapping the verse to singing the hook; you could tell there was a certain mastery of the material that is polished through practice, but only works when it comes naturally. I must also say that I’m a sucker for covers. Her covers of Drake’s Say Something and Forever did not hurt at all. After doing my homework, I learned that Tiara has not been under a rock, I have. One thing I know is, by the LIVE set I just witnessed, the name Tiara Thomas is about to quickly outgrow this cozy music market and land on the front of a mass of hungry music minds.

iLL Rating 8.0/10

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Don’t Mess With Them Girls From The “Boulevard”

King Solomon said “My son, keep my words, And treasure my commands within you. Keep my commands and live, And my law as the apple of your eye.  Bind them on your fingers; Write them on the tablet of your heart. Say to wisdom, “You are my sister,”  And call understanding your nearest kin, That they may keep you from the immoral woman, From the seductress who flatters with her words.”

Heartbreak’s home is right around the corner from them girls on the Boulevard. I used to have a thing for girls who showed no interest in “nice” guys. In high school a girl once told me, you are the type of guy I would marry, but not the type of guy I would date. Back then I couldn’t see why I wasn’t date-able. Even though I wasn’t on no Steve Urkel type stuff; I still wasn’t into playing games. I wanted to have a girl to call mine.
Fast forward to today, I see how much that says about a person when they have that thriving urge to get to the Boulevard. Check out this song by some guys who I met in ATL at a show we both were performing at. Even though I can’t roll with the message in every one of their songs; I was diggin their sound then, and I dig this cut. They used to be called Futureshock, but now go by the name of Weapon’s of Audio.

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Your Daddy Loves You I haven’t heard a song celebrating a father’s love for his children like this one does. Everyday children are conceived in love and raised in love. We sometimes forget to take time to recognize just how special a father’s love is for his children. I am so grateful to have a heavenly father that has allowed me to have a great earthly father. HE has doubled the impact of a father’s love in my life. I am a shadow of the greatness of my father. I have learned to love my children more deeply because of my earthly and heavenly fathers’ examples. Sade has brought it to my attention that my daddy’s love comes with a lifetime guarantee! Watch: Babyfather by one of Africa’s finest…SADE!

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Yeah Right! Never Under-Estimate the powers of the iPad! This makes me kinda wish I had one…

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This is What I’m Talkin about! Where was I at when this movie came out? Well, this is a rental I have to see!

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She Got It! Stacia Murphy, member of Kool’s Bazaar is rockin her “THE iLLEST” T’Shirt the right way!

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Taste My Blackness: Ballad of The Black Gold Aint it funny how the money keep on flowing to the Masters? In the world’s biggest disasters they boatin and gettin plastered. Earth’s precious elements choke life away from the masses. Black is the color of shame, unless you throwin or catching passes. But black is the same asset that most empires are after. If they lack it then they’ll smash any nation to get the Blackness!
After they strip the blackness, they refine it and call it gas it’s- the same thing they did with the slaves to become the Masters. -iLL Holiday

Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek are…Reflection Eternal.

Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek release a brand new music video for “Ballad of the Black Gold”, an ode to the oil crisis.

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It’s Time To “ELEVATE”: Independent Film by SHY @ Camovement So here’s the deal! Style knows style when style is Real. America’s Top Model Contestant Shaya Ali stars in this independent film shot at the Drake Hotel in Chicago. If you like independent films, I think you might enjoy this! Drop a line and let us know what you think.

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Kooler Than Cool: Kool’s Bazaar Album Release Party One of the most anticipated shows of 2010 is going down at the Jazz Kitchen. old soul ent. and Twin Peaks present Kool’s Bazaar Album Release Party. Yours truly will be hostin and Dj Rasul will be coastin. Throw on yo good good gear and make sure to bring your boo here. It’s going DOWN!

Experience the Bazaar at

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iLL Style to Make You Smile!

Stay Fresher under the Pressure & Doper than the rest of the Culture! Have your day to day getaway in these summertime foot pieces. Ronnie Fieg is one of the dopest shoe designers in the game right now…

These Dockside boat shoes are a collabo with Sebago. Go to to see the full selection of freshness! While you at it, make sure they match your iLLEST T-Shirt.

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