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Are You The iLLEST?

The ILLEST: Revenge of the ILLIGANS Limited Edition T-Shirt Now on Sale!

Now you can have your very own The ILLEST: Revenge of the ILLIGANS Limited Edition T-Shirt. This shirt was a callabo with Cult Creators founder Damon Taziyah. Not only is Damon one of the most talented graphic designers alive, he also has a keen eye for fashion. This limited edition tee was developed to celebrate the inner ILLNESS that we all possess when we chose to be different. It is all about staying ahead of the crowd and defining yourself.


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What happens when the only way to be cool is not being cool? Do you follow the crowd or let the crowd follow you? Even when they don’t follow, do you still keep it movin? Or, do you stop to try and find out what’s good? If you can say that you would rock your best fit even if it landed you on the “Worst Dressed List”- You Just Might Be The iLLEST!

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Round 2: Bizzle Gives Jay-Z a 2 Blow Combo I was not going to touch this with a stick at first. But-I changed my mind after hearing the song.
Gospel Rapper Bizzle gets industry fame off of his last 2 dis records of Jay-Z.
Even though he is one of many, many Holy Hip Hop artists that have taken exception to Mr. Braggadocious, Bizzle has managed to garner national press in the process. This makes me wonder a few things…

1. Why does anyone care?
2. Does this mean that others (bloggers, artists, hip hop fans, Industry Execs) secretly agree with Bizzle?
3. Are we looking for Jay to reply?
4. Does this mean that all we have to do is drop a beef song to get national exposure?

I don’t know. I never have and never will be a Jay-Z fan, but I can’t say I’m a Bizzle Fan either. I am, however a fan of art. From that stand point I challenge myself to say, “Talent at what cost?” The host of reasons that Jay doesn’t appeal are all around what he stands for in contrast to what I stand for. We just don’t see life the same way. Many of the points Bizzle makes strike emotions in me, as well as those who already don’t like Jay-Z, but what is gained from this? Can there be anything gained besides more people hearing their first gospel rap song?

What do you think?

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President Obama Speaks to Young African Leaders President Obama addresses a jam-packed room full of Young African Leaders. He reminds them that half of the African population is under 30. He chose to address this group because young people are more likely to ask questions like “why shouldn’t we have free press?” President Obama quoted Robert Kennedy in saying, “Some people see things and ask why; while others see things that need changing and ask why not.”
Check out this heart to heart between a group full of passionate young thought leaders and the first ever Black Leader of the World’s Most Powerful Country! (BTW- He’s an iLLIGAN)

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Mataano: Young African Twins Turn The Fashion World On To Style The Somalian Twins who founded Mataano are nothing less than amazing…

Ayaan and Idyl Mohallim are showing the world-wide fashion scene how they do it.  Born in the midst of civil war  in Somalia, fleeing to the United States proved to be an  opportunity to manifest their dreams on a global stage. One of the things that the twins are adamant about is the thought that “Africa is not a homogeneous place!”

This has lead them to be daring in the fashion world, sometimes redefining the lens in which the world sees Africa. If you focus on their designs you will see that they are young, but very skilled.  Telling an African story in a New York way has been their mission for just 2 years but Oprah Winfrey, CNN and Uptown Magazine have all featured them as successful young entrepreneurs who are ahead of style. This has given them a unique stage to give voice to African fashion. With a whole continent to represent in their work, the Mataano label has proven its adaptability through its vast array of offerings each season.

Even more surprising than the immense group of influences and inspirations that Mataano draws from; is the fact that it tip-toes into a realm that most designers stay clear of: modesty. After receiving feedback from fans in their homeland of Somalia, they have looked for ways to apply their fashion voice to modest designs. Not only does this appease many in more traditional cultures, this makes them honorary iLLIGANS.

For more on Mataano and Ayaan and Idyl, check out their site, blog, or youtube.

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Get Our Story Right!

Acclaimed Nigerian author Chimamanda Mgozi Adichie talks about the dangers of stereotypes, particularly stereotypes of Africans. (Please watch and let me know what you think)

Her refreshing and insightful perspective made me think of all the stereotypes  that imperialism and slavery have left with us. Today, the media continues to spread these “single stories” in very subtle and sometimes overt ways. It’s important that we continue to challenge steretoypes and expand our knowledge of ourselves. It’s only then that the we can truly be emancipated.

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Fishy Tale: Almost, But Not Quite!

Fishy Tale is a story of a cat who did his best and still got less. This short Film was developed by the New Jersey artist, Sharlene Lin.

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