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And I thought I was iLL….No! She is though!

Meet one of the dopest Femcees in the UK., Lady Leshurr. While she has a number of youtube postings that make you think this girl has skills, the videos included in this post are good enough to line up against any Lil Wayne, Kanye or Jay-Z verse- Hands DOWN!

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Clean Yo Ears Out!***Get A FREE TEE for You and a Friend!***
Listen to this…

*Now, if you can tell us what the name of the song is, we will give you a FREETHE iLLEST” Tee! If you can tell us when this song was recorded, we’ll give you and a friend a FREETHE iLLEST” TEE.

*Winner must be first to answer in the comments section to this post. Offer good while supplies last. Size(s) not guaranteed. Shipping not included. Only 2 possible total number of winners.

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Twenty-Thousand Visitor Give-A-Way!

iLLHoliday.Com is  approaching the 20,000th visitor mark. As a thank you, we would like to announce a Give-A-Way! That’s right, you can win just by watching our ticker(bottom of this page) pass the 20K mark. Once it crosses the 20K mark, we will post a special contest. Be the first to respond and you could win.

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What if Black Eyed Peas went back to actually making music that meant something? What if Fergalicious was more than just delicious? What if WiLLiAM was more than a weird looking musical genius? What if we knew who the other 2 dudes were? What if they used their star power to shake your conscience? What if there were more substance behind the dopeness?
I would like to introduce you to a group that is just that. Substance and Dopeness. Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce you to Rhema Soul!

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When I was TEN…Wouldn’t Do It Again!
When I was 10 years old, I had big dreams. So did my cousin(He was actually my mother’s cousin). He would come by and take me to rap for his friends. I began to think I was pretty good because of how he would introduce. He introduced me as the next big thing, and I believed him.

One time he said he was going take me to make some money. I said, “cool.” I didn’t care where we were going because I was sold on the fact that I was about to get paid. What I didn’t know, was that I wasn’t actually going to get any money. I was gonna get a good dose of something else, though. I was up for a life-long lesson.

It was a rainy Saturday afternoon when we arrived at a 2 story brick building with a sign that read “The Elks”. I didn’t know what that was, but I’m just thinking, “They are about to pay me.” When we arrived on the second floor, I saw that it was packed. I quickly learned that everyone was there for the Annual Talent Show, and I was in it.

Without hesitation, I began going over all of the raps that my cousin’s drunk friends said were good enough to be on the radio. I surveyed the room and quickly determined that I was the youngest person there. Everybody loves the kid. I got this.

So I wait for my turn, and give the crowd what they had been waiting for- the new Micheal Jackson, who can rap! After my performance, I told them my name was DEE Rap (too long of a story to tell right now) and walked off the stage.

Well… Little did I know, I wasn’t the youngest person in the show. There was a kid who could do better than rap. This little 5 year old dude could SING! I couldn’t sing. I could entertain my way out of a butt whoopin-but I couldn’t sing. That wasn’t even the worst part… The worst part was that he went on to sing the hottest song of the summer.

He sang this…

The next time my cousin tells me we are gonna make some money. I better make sure he brings his drunk friends to cheer me on!

-iDouble Out!

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My Name Is Not “Those People”…

This video is sure to challenge your view of our Social Service System:

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Hammer TOES

Here’s where Hammer puts his toes…

Hammer don’t hurt ’em. Follow The Real MC Hammer @mchammer.

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A Tasha Jones Hustle Please believe, you don’t don’t know poetry unless you know the Mighty T.

T meaning time that it takes to stand-
up in front a crowd and then demand-
Attention of people who are here and payin
paying for edutainmant – clearly displayin
Soul and full fledged spiritual wordplayin
modeled in the body of the lyrical sword-
Having the crowd shook with every word saying
And never growing tired of taking her stand

Tasha has a presence that will not be denied. Unlike many local artists, she commands the same respect off stage as she does when in the middle of an award winning performance. She is a giant among giants with an enviable repertoire to prove it.  Her accolades include a live performance on the Peabody Award-Winning HBO Special- Def Poetry Jam, appearance on the Legendary Showtime at The Appollo, and various tour appearances with major celebrities such as: Erykah Badu, Angie Stone and Malik Yoba.

The World is a Hustle


Tasha Jones is not waiting for people to wake up. She is waking them up. Her passion for empowering others has been evident since her days as a public teacher in the Indianapolis Public School System. She founded a movement called HELLO Beautiful in response to the life changing impact she was able to have on 32 students simply by the two word greeting.

Tasha currently has a newly released book ‘Let The Words of My Mouth…’ and cd’s that can be purchased on her official site

If this is your first encounter with Tasha Jones; let me introduce you to POETRY!

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Zambony is So Far From Being Phony: New K-os Track K-os does it a gain with another timeless classic. Is it me or is Canada a new breeding ground for dope Emcees? Zambony is sure to delight with analogies of fallacies all lathered in the rhythm. Check out this single off of his new album Yes! My only regret is the official video isn’t out yet…SIKE! Here it is:

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Super Silly Saturday Video: Big Meech Check out this Remix to Rick Ross’ BMF.

Caution, if you aren’t ready to laugh- don’t watch!

What’s more funny than the singing and gospel music gestures, is the fact that we love music more when it is totally narcissistic. As rappers go further and further to let others know just how great they are, I can’t help but laugh at the thought of how humble they become when standing in front of a judge. We easily slip in and out of persona- from big meech to working man tryna support his family.

No knock on Rick Ross- knock on the Devil for making it so entertaining.

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