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ASA WorldWide HIT SINGLE: Official Video

All you need to know is that this artist is dope…

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Dope Lyrics & Dope Lines

Tasha Jones could be nominated for a GRAMMY! That’s right the prolific writer, performer, model and inspirational speaker- Tasha Jones, is being considered for the most prestigious award given to recording artists.

All members of NARAS can help her make the short list. The project up for consideration is her recording “Poems, Lyrics & Reservations” under the Spoken Word Category.

Besides traveling the country spreading inspiration in words; Tasha is gearing up to host  the return of one of her hometown’s most successful open mic events, Blue Moon Sunday. In it’s heyday, (2004-2006) Blue Moon Sunday was a cultural magnet for anyone in the Region thirsting for organic creativity. Tasha was a regular contributor to the open mic as well as one of the show’s biggest draws as a feature performer. Look for her January 9, 2011 as she and some of the areas dopest performers bring Indiana’s most infamous open mic event to the Historical Madame Walker Theatre.

Blue Moon Sunday will also feature: iLL Holiday, Dj Lou Bey, The Michael Houston Band, and the dopest artists, performers, and poets in the Midwest.

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Funny Video: Leadership Looks Like Me!

Many people are waiting on a ‘real’ leader to step up and solve the problems we are facing. They would argue that our country is standing still, and in some cases sliding backwards because, politicians just don’t get it. Some would say that it is because most of our religious leaders are either corrupt or worse-cowards. Even other people would say that greedy businessmen are the problem.

What I believe is that the problem is me. I am the problem. Everyone like me who has passed up on an opportunity to help themselves is the problem. Anyone like me who has overlooked the opportunity to share their extra(knowledge, time, money, strength) is the problem.

The buck doesn’t stop with the politician-it stops with me. It stops with normal people. We are the answer we have been waiting for. Everyone of us who is the problem…is also THE Solution.

For the past 14 months I have been working with a community organization called Public Allies that operates with the mindset that Everybody Leads. This simply means that everyone brings something to the table. There is no such thing as an extra person. Each person has something to contribute. Most people will contribute their time, talents, and passion, if given the right opportunity and support.

Public Allies gives that support to young adults who have made up their mind that they don’t look like a leader, leadership looks like them.

Without programs like Public Allies, people keep addressing problems the same way. We look for the expert to tell us what our problem is and how they are the only one who is able to fix it for us. Its this kind of thinking that has us stuck on an escalator with no good sense to walk the rest of the way. We are so used to depending on others, that we miss the opportunity to solve our own problems.

So when you wake up and look yourself in the mirror, remember you are looking at The New Face of Leadership!
-iDouble Out!

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FREE Show Saturday: Fahama Pecou Hosts A Show For North Carolina iLLIGANS

Fahamu Pecou is an artist’s artist. He has dope skills. He super-bold. He gets paid for his art. People dig his style. What more could you ask for?

Well, he is hosting a live show that will knock your socks off! The 15 Project will highlight the works of Creative Loafing Editor Carlton Hargro, McColl Center Artist-in-Residence Anthony Schrag, and artist & graphic designer Cey Adams.

The 15 Project: Come to View or Be Viewed
October 9, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Costs: Free for members, free to the public

The Harvey B. Gantt Center
For African American Arts + Culture

551 South Tryon Street
Charlotte, NC 28202 (Map)
(704) 547-3700

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LIVE Show 2Day: See Jon B For FREE!!
This is for all my L.A. iLLIGANS!

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iLLEST MiX Matisyahu/eLDee: One Day
What do Jewish megastar Matisyahu and Nigerian American Rapper elDee have in common? Both artists wrote a song called One Day. Way different styles same dope flavor!

eLDee let’s his country know that things will get better.

Matisyahu hopes for a day when the “people say, We don’t want to fight no more! There’ll be no more war, and our children will play…”

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Monday Mornin’ Fix Me Up! -Dwayne Tryumf

Dwayne Tryumf is not a US citizen but has a great following in the American Holy Hip Hop community. Here is the reason…

Just in case you are not sold…Check this out!

Oh, you think you can do better? Let me hear it to the beat!

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Asa is one of the hottest artists to come out of Nigeria since Sade. She has a soulful sound that attracts listeners from around the globe. Check out the newest single off of her sophomore release, Beautiful Imperfection, due to drop October 25th.

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