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Club on Friday Church on Sunday

Midnyte Sun is a gospel rapper who released a single that points out the issue of Christians in the Club. Even though his messages have been going to my spam folder for years, I didn’t unsubscribe just in case he sent something that I really was interested in. When checking my SPAM folder, the title of the single caught my attention. After watching the video, I knew I needed to share it with my iLLIGANS!

I have spent the last 10 years between the 2. My professional rap career has led me to some of the hottest clubs from New York to Los Angeles as well as some of the smallest and largest holy places in the United States. Through it all, I have run into Christians at every location.

That makes me wonder, what would have happen if all of the Christians disappeared? What if they were never at those places? Would things be better? Would people take Christianity more seriously? Would more people become Christians?

While part of me is for the separatist mindset, another part of me wonders…Would there be more shootings at clubs? Would there be more raping? Would there be more gang rivalries? Would the music be even worse (yea, imagine that..worse than what they already bump in clubs). Would hip hop be more dangerous if no one involved had the Holy Spirit dwelling inside of them?

Even though I believe these are all valid questions, I think the real question that comes to mind is…What is a REAL Christian? What should they be doing and what shouldn’t they be doing?

What do you think?
-iDouble Out!

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Stop Getting E-Wasted!

We interrupt our coolness to bring you this message for our planet! STOP WASTING IT!

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2 Cities + 2 Days = 2 Hott Shows

Indy iLLiGANS and St. Lou iLLiGANS will celebrate a weekend to remember.

This Friday, St Louis is the place to be. Former member of the R&b Soul group Floetry, Natalie Stewart is the featured artist of “NEXT”.

“Next” is a premium listening party experience that will highlight the artist and their music. The first artist we are featuring is “The Floacist” Natalie Stewart. The British recording artist—and former member of the Grammy-nominated neo-soul group Floetry— Natalie Stewart has been in the studio creating new music for her upcoming album. Since the R&B group split, fans have been wondering when Stewart would resurface with her melodic spoken words. Well she’s back now! So If your soul is musically vacant, make “NEXT” apart of your busy schedule so that Great music and Great artists can flourish.

Each month the door donation supports a different charity.

Requested donation: .99 cents
100% of the door goes to Annie Malone Children’s Home in support of the Power of 57 Cents Campaign.

This Saturday Night, the party returns to Indy! Soul Purpose will be delivering what your soul craves. Soul Purpose is Indy’s Premier emerging Gospel Neo Soul Band. Their melodic tunes are just what you need to get you through another hectic week! come out and cop their new project at Earth House.

Arrive early to get a seat! Yours truly will be hosting and a number of Indy’s most talented vocalists will be on the bill. Come stressed and leave Blessed!

A Night with Soul Purpose
@ Earth House Collective
237 N. East St.
Indianapolis, IN
$20 in Advance/ $25 at the Door
Doors: 6pm Show Starts: 7pm

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Have an iLL Thursday!
Here’s the best way to get through a Thursday:

Something to look at…

And something to listen to…Enjoy!

Cop a shirt!

Download the whole album FREE!

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?uestlove Produced Piece: I Am Ali

You may not have heard of this short film produced in 2002 by hip hop journalist, Dream Hampton and Legendary Roots Crew Drummer, ?uestlove. I Am Ali is a very troubling, yet very necessary depiction of how the black community struggles to deal with living with loved one’s who have a mental illness. The acting is great, the plot is totally believable, and the characters are even more genuine than what we are used to seeing on the big screen. Be warned, this is not something to watch with kids around. It is mature(not pornographic, just mature), and complex, and does contain profanity.

The conversation I am having with myself is:
What is the right way to deal with a loved one who is battling to get a grasp on reality?

Is there redemption available for someone in this condition, or are they down for the count?

I am very interested in hearing what your take is…

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