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Quickest 3mins of my life…

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If You Neva…

If you neva heard of Shad…

…Now I bet you wish you had!

Shouts out to Tah- Khaaliq for puttin me up on him!

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50,000 THANK YOUs //Hip Hop History Challenge  

Thank You!


Here is what a group of 50,000 people look like. 


Here is what our big 50,000th visitor promotion looks like!

2- Indiana Pacers Tickets
2- Blue Moon Sunday Tickets
1- *Choice of DaFilled Vintage Tee -or- ILLIGAN Tee
1- Personal Rap Verse written on your Facebook wall by iLL Holiday  

This one goes to the person who can correctly answer 2 of the following 3 questions:
1. Name the 4 original members of the Hip Hop Group DaFilled
2. Name the group all of these members were in before DaFilled
3. Name the National Music Award DaFilled won in 2004  

* Good only during 2010-2011 home game season. Not good on play-off games.
**Size and color restrictions apply.  
Winner is announced and prizes are awarded when we reach 50,000 visitors. Share and tweet this post to win sooner than later!

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Once Every Blue Moon….

Once Every Blue Moon there comes an event that you just can’t miss. You know it when it comes. It’s different than what you are used to. It’s “special”.

Once Every Blue Moon you meet someone special who makes you wanna do things you have never done before.

Once Every Blue Moon you find an artist that no one knows about, but is better; more pure, more sincere, and more talented than any art you’ve ever experienced.

Once Every Blue Moon there comes an event that can not be imitated. It’s Unique. It’s Blue Moon!

See you this Sunday- I mean “Blue Moon Sunday”
Blue Moon Sunday by illholiday

Blue Moon Sunday

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Parent Me!

Man, I wish I wrote this song! This song touches a deep place inside of me. My inner kid is crying this; while my grown mind is wondering how to make sure my kids never cry this.
I gotta do better. We gotta do better.

Nothing excuses us from parenting our kids. Nothing!

iDouble Out!

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She is Waiting…Are You Ready?

Janette…ikz reframes the dating game by reminding Mr. Right she is waiting…

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