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What Happened to Malice?
Malice is best known for his part in the critically acclaimed hip-hop duo Clipse. Their song ‘Grindin’ was one of the most popular radio hits of its time. This song embodied the message that the group was famous for. Even though Clipse was well known for drug dealer anthems, something else had been troubling Malice. He had long felt a tugging at his heart to go in a different direction. Even though he ignored it at first. It never stopped.
Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind, and Naked

Wreched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind and Naked is a story of Tragedy, Transformation, and Redemption! I am so happy to see that his conversion experience has led him to reflect and share with the world what happened to him. Unlike many who have a conversion experience, he didn’t start a church or health and wealth ministry. He wrote a telling biopic of the transformation that has totally changed his life. It is clear, that all of the fame and money that accompanied Malice’s career, didn’t equal happiness or fulfillment.

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If anyone ever asked my music preferences, I can’t think of a time or situation that would have led me to say Afro-Punk… That being said, I am now a fan. Just A Band is anything but just a band.

In celebration of my discovery of Afro-Punk and Just A Band, we have renamed our site after their new album KUDISH!

This Kenyan Afro-Punk band has just won a new fan. Check out the music. Enjoy the vibe!

Download the entire album: Kudish! (The Sound of Soup)

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Who In The World Is Yuna?

True iLLIGANS are not bound to an area code, town, or even country! We are EVERYWHERE! Check out this flawless track by the Malaysian artist, Yuna. Her melodious rifts pierce your heart to capture you soul right from the first note. She is a young singer-songwriter who is making a global impression. Yuna Sitting

Where did we find her? Yep, you guessed right…NPR!

Shouts out to KirkPatrick, for sharing real sounds from way down!
Check out this song…And Stay iLL!
Yuna on by illholiday

To hear her Full Set, CLICK HERE!

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Shouts out to The Single Mamma’s & Daddies!
Here is a throwback from Mr. 3 Stax…

Being a parent isn’t easy. Its not easy when you are in a loving relationship with a soul-mate who has your back. It is especially difficult for those who are doing it by themselves. This song is dedicated to all those who give their family all that they have. I see you! We see you!

If you dig this song, click “LIKE” to let your friends know you support Single Mamma’s and Daddies too!

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Love/Hate–>Blame Game!

This video will make you hug yo baby tonight…and not let go! Thanks Kenny Kixx for sharing! Shouts out to iLL Piece!



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Hill Harper Ticket Give-A-Way Winner Announced

We would like to Congratulate @MissIceBox for winning the iLL Holiday Hill Harper Ticket Give-A-Way!Amber Freeman Wins!

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Penny Syndrome

Here is a Great way to start a Monday! This passage is provided courtesy of Our Daily Bread

The penny has been called the most despised unit of US currency. Many people will not bother to pick up a one-cent coin if they see it lying on the ground. But some charities are finding that pennies add up to significant sums, and that children are generous givers. As one participant said, “Small contributions can make a huge difference.”

Pennies Add up!

The Bible account of David and Goliath describes a seemingly insignificant person whose confidence in God was greater than any of the powerful people around him. When David volunteered to face the giant Goliath, King Saul said, “You are not able to go against this Philistine” (1 Sam. 17:33). But David had faith in the Lord who had delivered him in the past (v.37).

David did not suffer from “the penny syndrome”—a sense of inferiority and helplessness in the face of an overwhelming problem. If he had listened to the pessimism of Saul or the threats of Goliath, he would have done nothing. Instead, he acted with courage because he trusted God.

It’s easy to feel like a penny in a trillion-dollar deficit. But when we obey the Lord in every circumstance, it all adds up. Collectively, our acts of faith, large or small, make a big difference. And every penny counts.

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iLL Holiday DOT Com Offers Oportunity To Meet Hill Harper To 1 Special iLLIGAN

iLL Holiday DOT Com Offers Oportunity To Meet Hill Harper To 1 Special iLLIGAN

The Conversation has 2 FREE Tickets for the winner of this contest. See one of our nation’s most intriguing African-Americans, Hill Harper, LIVE @ the Historic Madame Walker Theatre! Hill is a featured speaker in the Steward & Associates Speaker Series. He is coming to Indianapolis, Indiana on May 13, 2011. Madame Walker Theatre

Harper is the New York Times Best Selling Author of “The Conversation”. He is also an Alumnus of Harvard Law School as well as a star in the CBS drama television series CSI: NY.

Hill Harper

Madame Walker Theatre
Madame Walker Theatre
The Madame Walker Theatre is Indiana’s most historic performance venue for African American events. The likes of Tyler Perry, Al Green, Louis Armstrong, and Aretha Franklin have all graced its legendary stage. Today, the Walker Theatre thrives as the premier venue for African American art and Entertainment. A chance to see one of the nation’s leading intellectuals in one the nation’s most culturally enriched venue’s is priceless.
Winning is simple:
Tweet this: “Feel Like #Winning?
The Person who tweets this the most, wins!
Tweet as many times as you can by 11:59am on April 11, 2011! Walker Stage

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