Blue Moon Sunday Pulls No Punches

The night before Halloween will be one to remember. One of Indy’s hottest artists, Whitney Coleman, will be in full concert along with her live band. The Whitney Coleman Project has been sweeping the circle city by storm with performances at The Jazz Kitchen, Oranje, and some of the city’s dopest venues. This Blue Moon Sunday she has promised to bring her highly acclaimed energy with a little something extra.

Whitney Blue Moon Sunday Show

Tasha Jones chats with Lauryn Hill

Tasha Jones chats with Lauryn Hill

As if a dope feature wasn’t enough… We will also welcome home one of the most widely known names in spoken word poetry, Tasha Jones. Tasha Jones returns to the city for one-night-only. As the co host of Blue Moon Sunday, Tasha will share her own flavor and a few new pieces of poetry.

Lastly, you will be able to enjoy art for the eyes as you indulge in art for the ears. Be the first to see new art by Artist Kevin Wilson. Wilson’s exclusive Opening will unveil some of the most thought-provoking art pieces of his career. The installation will remain at The Walker until November 30th.

To learn more about what is going on at the Walker, visit
Alexis Garrett performs for Blue Moon Sunday Reunion

Check out what soul singer KirkPatrick has to say about Blue Moon Sunday….

Legendary Singer Goldie Stops by Blue Moon Sunday

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