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Movie Trailer: An Ethiopian Love

Director Yonie

Yonie Solomon is back. His Unofficial Kanye West LOVE/HATE Video caused an uproar on the Internet last year.
This year he has embarked on a project that so monumental, it involves tying the nation of beautiful people (Ethiopia) with the nation who is obsessed with beauty (America).

Check out the trailer for Yonie’s most ambitious project to date, An Ethiopian Love.

Stop by and cop a t-shirt to show your support to one of the year’s most anticipated independent film’s.


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If you’ve never heard of Meleni Smith…Let us introduce!
Meleni Smith
Watch out there now…

If you are looking for more…Search here, you soul carnivore!

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Forget a 16…She’s got a mean 64! Lady Leshurr is killin ’em!

As the US continues to go head over hills for the Queen of Young Money, something fierce is brewing in the UK. Continue reading

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Nneka Returns!!!

Nneka God First

This is what I stand for…

If you haven’t heard of Nneka by now, maybe you are being intentional in making sure you don’t know what’s hot! She has traveled the globe pushing a message that cry’s for transparency, humility, and love. Check out her newest video, Stay.

In “My Soul is Heavy” Nekka takes us on a journey into the despair that her heart feels for her Nigerian people caught in the middle of the Niger Delta oil crisis.

With an entire continent’s concerns on her back, Nneka delves into the depths of Africa’s darkest realities to arise with faith, love, and hope on each of her 3 studio releases. The video “My Home” explores how her faith in God is the sustaining force that allows both her as well as millions of Africans to face the harsh circumstances the they face together.

Just in case you’ve have been sleeping under a rock; check out this link:

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Public Allies + + BIG CAR= Allies Of Art 2011 [fall edition]




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The ConsciousTip Interviews 9th Wonder

“Put out a great piece of work- that’s your press kit!’- 9th Wonder Continue reading

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