What do I do with this revolution…?

What do I do with this revolution that’s flowing through my veins?
Biko didn’t die for this
King didn’t cry for this
Parks didn’t defy for this
Shabazz wouldn’t comply with this
Not for this. Not for this. Not for This!

Mandela took the throne for times like these
Obama made a home in times like these
Mugabi & Gadafi made could probably
be the most Godly in the lobby
philosophically are dethroned
in times like these
Whenever the pulpit bears politicians
dressed up as Godly visions
I must nod my head, so they think
that I be listenin
When what I’m really thinking
is what I’m always thinking

What do I do with this revolution that’s racing through my veins?

Do I bottle it up & try to turn the page?
Do I write a rap & burn the stage?
How much does it cost to earn my cage?
They call me beast, cause they can’t discern my rage!

Does it have something to do with my age?
Will it go away? Is it a phase?
Can I be delivert,
if I prays?
Can I overcome it
with my praise?
Can I set it down
and hope it lays?

Why Pres silent on this
but speak up for Gays?
Does he identify with them more
than he do our race?
Does he know we suffer
Whether Gay or Straight?
Does he know our mothers
wanna change our names?
So we can get jobs
as high paid slaves?
Does he see us slain
on streets we paved..
So that their goods
can get home safe?

What do I do with this revolution that’s pumping through my veins?

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