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Open Letter to Africans: Africa must claim its lost children

I am not suggesting that there will be an African exodus in my lifetime (though I would wholeheartedly support one). However, I am implying that each of us has a duty to understand the real trauma that our people are facing because of the tremendous brain drain that our continent is facing. Continue reading

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President Obama Speaks to Young African Leaders President Obama addresses a jam-packed room full of Young African Leaders. He reminds them that half of the African population is under 30. He chose to address this group because young people are more likely to ask questions like “why shouldn’t we have free press?” President Obama quoted Robert Kennedy in saying, “Some people see things and ask why; while others see things that need changing and ask why not.”
Check out this heart to heart between a group full of passionate young thought leaders and the first ever Black Leader of the World’s Most Powerful Country! (BTW- He’s an iLLIGAN)

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Get Our Story Right!

Acclaimed Nigerian author Chimamanda Mgozi Adichie talks about the dangers of stereotypes, particularly stereotypes of Africans. (Please watch and let me know what you think)

Her refreshing and insightful perspective made me think of all the stereotypes  that imperialism and slavery have left with us. Today, the media continues to spread these “single stories” in very subtle and sometimes overt ways. It’s important that we continue to challenge steretoypes and expand our knowledge of ourselves. It’s only then that the we can truly be emancipated.

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Taste My Blackness: Ballad of The Black Gold Aint it funny how the money keep on flowing to the Masters? In the world’s biggest disasters they boatin and gettin plastered. Earth’s precious elements choke life away from the masses. Black is the color of shame, unless you throwin or catching passes. But black is the same asset that most empires are after. If they lack it then they’ll smash any nation to get the Blackness!
After they strip the blackness, they refine it and call it gas it’s- the same thing they did with the slaves to become the Masters. -iLL Holiday

Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek are…Reflection Eternal.

Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek release a brand new music video for “Ballad of the Black Gold”, an ode to the oil crisis.

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Peep The Politix…K’naan Speaks About What’s Going on in Somalia aint what they seem to be…Everybody in this game aint who they claim to be. the whole of the world is a Hustle!

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Who You Callin Pirate? K’naan Tells a Different Story

We don’t call them Pirates. We consider them our Coast Guard! Continue reading

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