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What do I do with this revolution…?

Do I bottle it up & try to turn the page?
Do I write a rap & burn the stage?
How much does it cost to earn my cage?
They call me beast, cause they can’t discern my rage! Continue reading

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Open Letter to Africans: Africa must claim its lost children

I am not suggesting that there will be an African exodus in my lifetime (though I would wholeheartedly support one). However, I am implying that each of us has a duty to understand the real trauma that our people are facing because of the tremendous brain drain that our continent is facing. Continue reading

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Poverty Island: The vacation of a lifetime…or not!

I remember being poor… Continue reading

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iLLIGAN EXXXCLUSIVE: Young Africa brings its best to the US

“Americans are very condescending when speaking to Africans…” Continue reading

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Racism In America: Is it real?

Is race something that only lives on in the minds of African-Americans? Continue reading

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If this country burns…We burn with it!

Art is politics; and, it’s the weapon Kuweni Serious uses to, as they say, “fight the evil forces of apathy,” they saw plaguing Kenyan youth in the aftermath of the country’s 2007 elections. Continue reading

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Give Me One Reason

I knew what a job looked like. I knew what making stuff happen looked like. I didn’t know what an educated black man in a meaningful career looked like. Continue reading

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Nneka Returns!!!

Nneka God First

This is what I stand for…

If you haven’t heard of Nneka by now, maybe you are being intentional in making sure you don’t know what’s hot! She has traveled the globe pushing a message that cry’s for transparency, humility, and love. Check out her newest video, Stay.

In “My Soul is Heavy” Nekka takes us on a journey into the despair that her heart feels for her Nigerian people caught in the middle of the Niger Delta oil crisis.

With an entire continent’s concerns on her back, Nneka delves into the depths of Africa’s darkest realities to arise with faith, love, and hope on each of her 3 studio releases. The video “My Home” explores how her faith in God is the sustaining force that allows both her as well as millions of Africans to face the harsh circumstances the they face together.

Just in case you’ve have been sleeping under a rock; check out this link:

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Final Hour Appeal: Save Troy Davis’ Life!!

Pray for a miracle! Avert a disaster…Save Troy Davis! Continue reading

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Shouts out to The Single Mamma’s & Daddies!
Here is a throwback from Mr. 3 Stax…

Being a parent isn’t easy. Its not easy when you are in a loving relationship with a soul-mate who has your back. It is especially difficult for those who are doing it by themselves. This song is dedicated to all those who give their family all that they have. I see you! We see you!

If you dig this song, click “LIKE” to let your friends know you support Single Mamma’s and Daddies too!

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Janette…ikz is back with a truth that needs to be told.

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Truth Don’t Bling

When I married my wife, I had to talk to her about a deep concern I had about the whole wedding process. This concern was something that I felt we had to settle before moving forward. It wasn’t concerning the ceremony or the planning process. It wasn’t even about the guestlist or participants of the wedding. No, I wasn’t concerned about the venue or even budget (errr. I mean, what working black man aint concerned about the budget?)

Well, more than budget concerns- I needed to talk about something that was a life or death issue.


I gave this term a line of it’s own because it deserves alot of consideration when expressing what kind of LIFE I’d like to live with the love of my LIFE. This decision weighed so heavy on my heart that I needed it settled before even planning the 1st detail of the wedding. We had to be on one accord and in total agreement about this one.

Much to my surprise, my lady was right with me. She understood that our symbol of marriage could be marred by the realization that a kid was walking around in a foreign country with no arms or no LIFE.
We decided to bypass the whole Kimberly process and purchase diamond free wedding bands. Even though this didn’t sit well with friends or family who were looking for that fat rock to adorn her hand, we knew we wanted to embark on a marriage built on mutual consideration for the impact of our covenant.
5 years later, I have never regretted skipping the possibility of buying my wife a Conflict (BLOOD) Diamond.
Check out what the Nigerian Soul Superstar “Asa” had to say in verse 2 of her hit song “Fire On The Mountain”
05 Fire On The Mountain by mooney

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Funny Video: Leadership Looks Like Me!

Many people are waiting on a ‘real’ leader to step up and solve the problems we are facing. They would argue that our country is standing still, and in some cases sliding backwards because, politicians just don’t get it. Some would say that it is because most of our religious leaders are either corrupt or worse-cowards. Even other people would say that greedy businessmen are the problem.

What I believe is that the problem is me. I am the problem. Everyone like me who has passed up on an opportunity to help themselves is the problem. Anyone like me who has overlooked the opportunity to share their extra(knowledge, time, money, strength) is the problem.

The buck doesn’t stop with the politician-it stops with me. It stops with normal people. We are the answer we have been waiting for. Everyone of us who is the problem…is also THE Solution.

For the past 14 months I have been working with a community organization called Public Allies that operates with the mindset that Everybody Leads. This simply means that everyone brings something to the table. There is no such thing as an extra person. Each person has something to contribute. Most people will contribute their time, talents, and passion, if given the right opportunity and support.

Public Allies gives that support to young adults who have made up their mind that they don’t look like a leader, leadership looks like them.

Without programs like Public Allies, people keep addressing problems the same way. We look for the expert to tell us what our problem is and how they are the only one who is able to fix it for us. Its this kind of thinking that has us stuck on an escalator with no good sense to walk the rest of the way. We are so used to depending on others, that we miss the opportunity to solve our own problems.

So when you wake up and look yourself in the mirror, remember you are looking at The New Face of Leadership!
-iDouble Out!

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My Name Is Not “Those People”…

This video is sure to challenge your view of our Social Service System:

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