Eats and Sweets

A couple weeks ago I stopped in Boogie Burger after an hour long massage. I had a wonderful chocolate/vanilla milkshake that hit the spot on a hot summer day. While standing in line I read the 2 foot menu of all the burgers and sandwiches they had. This is when I made the mental note; “come back and try this place soon, before you start eating right again.”

So, today was that day. I was kid free for two hours and Broad Ripple sounded euphoric. I popped around for 15 minutes to make sure I was good and hungry and then landed at Boogie Burger. It’s on Westfield Boulevard, the street right behind (north) of Broad Ripple Avenue. Not hard to find at all, very cute little place. So you walk in and are greeted by really friendly workers. The burger shack is hot, has a couple fans going, and has crap all over the walls. Cool crap, though. Posters, interesting slogans, published articles, stickers, little bit of everything.

I take a gander at the menu and notice they basically have burgers (maybe 10 different ones), chicken sandwiches and hot dogs. I heard a man ask for a tuna melt too, so I guess they have that. They’ve also got regular fries, garlic fries and then cheese and bacon fries… I ordered something pretty standard- a Boogie Burger with cheese, extra cheese and bacon. It came with tomato, lettuce, onion, pickle spear and I threw in fries (light on the garlic) and a Coke for a total of $10.46. A tad steep for a shack or fast food joint but pretty standard for a restaurant. Since I was in complete chill mode I didn’t mind the 7-10 minute wait for my food. I sat inside (thought about using their outdoor seating but it was just too black hot). *Sidenote* My grandma used to substitute expletives with the word “black” so now I’m doing it. Anyway, “Anyone seen Mali?!?” the waiter guy said. “I have”, I said as I went and grabbed my food from him. A big portion of fries sat on my red tray with a burger wrapped in something like wax paper.

I unwrapped it slowly like it was a gift I’d been waiting for. It looked pretty good. It was a good size. I was excited. “Bless it Lord” I said as I took the first bite. The first thing I sensed was the seasoned meat. It actually tasted fresh and I could taste the black pepper. It wasn’t over seasoned, it was just seasoned well. I remember saying ummm out loud. This was a really good, and juicy, burger!! I used up my two napkins because it was extra sloppy. The buns seemed to have been toasted and lightly buttered so even when all your meat is gone, the bread was good to eat. The second thing I noticed was that they give you a good amount of bacon. And you know how much I loooove bacon. The bacon was thick and there was plenty of it. However, it wasn’t crunchy. If you’re going to do bacon on any sandwich, I think it should have some bite to it, some crunch. This was the type of bacon that had been sitting on the griddle with the meat, in grease. The kind that is a bit chewy. If they’d cook it a little longer and maybe lay it off to the side or on a paper towel- this would have been a 6 star burger. #baconconnoisseur.

Lastly, this was a big meal. And I do think it was worth the 10 bucks. Towards the end of the burger I started to reflect back and wonder if there was ever a burger I couldn’t finish. I couldn’t think of one and thought today might be that day. Never fear, I did push through and finish the sandwich. I couldn’t even eat half the fries though. Oh! They’ve got ice cream too! Oh and they had burgers with interesting toppings- like grilled pineapple, fried egg, pastrami, etc.

Great place to go for a good juicy meal or just a scoop of ice cream on a hot night. Good people. Great cozy place.

Address: 927 East Westfield Boulevard
Best feature: Good meat, nice fresh toppings
1 complaint: Soggy bacon :-/
Malina Simone rating: 9/10