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iLL Brief: One semester in…

www.illholiday.com- So, what does iLL do when he goes back to school? Last year, I left my safety zone! I left home, quit my job, gave up Facebook, left friends and my old neighborhood. I had no idea what lied ahead. I had no idea that I would end up moving 3 times in 6 months, become the mentee of a top exec at the largest software company in the world,  experience the pressure that led 2 classmates to commit suicide this year, rock my first college house show, drop way below a 4.0 gpa, visit the Council on Foreign Relations, meet an US Ambassador for a briefing at United Nations, and deliver my first TED talk.

Ups…Downs…And all around…All the highs and lows gave my psyche whiplash from the sharp turns of this ride. However, I am on this ride to get the prize! I needs that degree! This new year has given me a new outlook. I don’t have it all figured out, but I do have one thing figured out… This will be the making of me!


Check out a few things that made this year special for me.

This selection of shots and photo’s don’t tell the whole story of ‘When iLL went to school.” To keep up on what I am seeing and how I am doing, stay tuned to the following social media sites:
www.illholiday.com (HERE)
Instagram: @illholiday
Twitter: @classofrap

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iLLIGAN EXXXCLUSIVE: iLL Freestyles for the Babies!!


Don’t know who this dude is, but I promise I’m twice as iLL as he is…Plus I’m FRESH!
Money Back Guaranteed…

Don’t believe me? Ask my babies!

-iDouble Out!

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A Day in The Life of iLL…


Check out this exclusive footage of how my 9-5 and stage life often collide. Public Allies Staff from around the country are enjoying a meal and are surprised to be on iLLCAM… Milwaukee was live, but I was even LIV-ER!

 true illigan

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Yeah…He’s iLL

www.illholiday.com- Old Spice Spoof from 11-year old. And yep, he must be an iLLIGAN!

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