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A Deep Introspection Into My Last Show [Video] + Blue Moon Sunday

Any artist that is faced with a crowd like this must first acknowledge that they will not, and can not measure up to the need of the crowd. They must call for backup. They must call on the giver of the gift. So that’s just what I did. Continue reading

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Super Silly Saturday Video: Big Meech

www.illholiday.com- Check out this Remix to Rick Ross’ BMF.

Caution, if you aren’t ready to laugh- don’t watch!

What’s more funny than the singing and gospel music gestures, is the fact that we love music more when it is totally narcissistic. As rappers go further and further to let others know just how great they are, I can’t help but laugh at the thought of how humble they become when standing in front of a judge. We easily slip in and out of persona- from big meech to working man tryna support his family.

No knock on Rick Ross- knock on the Devil for making it so entertaining.

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Round 2: Bizzle Gives Jay-Z a 2 Blow Combo

www.illholiday.com- I was not going to touch this with a stick at first. But-I changed my mind after hearing the song.
Gospel Rapper Bizzle gets industry fame off of his last 2 dis records of Jay-Z.
Even though he is one of many, many Holy Hip Hop artists that have taken exception to Mr. Braggadocious, Bizzle has managed to garner national press in the process. This makes me wonder a few things…

1. Why does anyone care?
2. Does this mean that others (bloggers, artists, hip hop fans, Industry Execs) secretly agree with Bizzle?
3. Are we looking for Jay to reply?
4. Does this mean that all we have to do is drop a beef song to get national exposure?

I don’t know. I never have and never will be a Jay-Z fan, but I can’t say I’m a Bizzle Fan either. I am, however a fan of art. From that stand point I challenge myself to say, “Talent at what cost?” The host of reasons that Jay doesn’t appeal are all around what he stands for in contrast to what I stand for. We just don’t see life the same way. Many of the points Bizzle makes strike emotions in me, as well as those who already don’t like Jay-Z, but what is gained from this? Can there be anything gained besides more people hearing their first gospel rap song?

What do you think?

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